Die Summe meiner Daten Elias Wessel

Cologne 2018/09/01 2018/09/30

The images of the artist Elias Wessel form a highly personal and polyvisual sense of photography as a cultural practice. Yet within their initially distinct and serialised diversity there emerges at the same time an underlying sense of a resolved aesthetic visual synthesis. In a somewhat dialectical manner Wessel’s photographs bring together their singularity and visual character within the actual viewing process, as photographs of perception, and further they do so in a manner that fuses together surprising nuances of time, through use of digitalised exposure, and the varied use of subtle acts of experimental and/or editorial intervention. From the earliest period of this artist-photographer’s creative development there has been a psychological disposition towards the visual language of painting, and how that pictorial material idiom can be re-articulated and redirected by means of the photographic image.

In „Die Summe meiner Daten“ Traces, marks and fingerprints emerge from the everyday use of digital devices with touch-sensitive screens and culminate in large-format, painterly photographs in which Wessel documents the simultaneity of digitization, surveillance, and identity.