August 6, 2023



On site. – Art in museums and in public spaces

08/06/2023 – 10/03/2023

How do we experience art in museums and how do we encounter it in public space? In the museum, the art is in a protected space. In the city, it goes public and becomes visible to everyone: Art is part of our everyday life, it is a topic of discussion and maybe even a topic of debate, it is exposed to many opinions and it can breathe new life into and redefine places.

The exhibition On Site shows works by 7 artists who have each created or will create a work of art in public space in Göppingen: I
ris Andraschek, Katharina Hohmann, Stefan Rohrer, Markus Strieder, Stefan Strumbel, Nasan Tur and Silke Wagner.

The works in the exhibition relate directly to the art in urban space in Göppingen and show the wide range of possibilities of what art in public space can be: does the art relate directly to its location, its history and the people? Can art have an impact on our everyday life and on our togetherness? And how does it relate to the history of a place or a city?


Kunsthalle Göppingen. Vor Ort 2023/08

Kunsthalle Göppingen. Vor Ort 2023/08