August 2, 2021



The Grand Award is conceived to reflect the artistic perception and the vitality of its patron: passionate drive, willingness to take risk, courage to experiment, openness, clarity and strength in color and form and a European horizon are the prominent characteristics to be translated into the present: The award is open to all artists, male or female, irrespective of their descent, provided that Europe plays a central role in their life and work or as a place of residence. All media are permitted. The key aim is to promote the outstanding and concise individual performance, which encourages an unexpected glance.

The Grand Hans-Purrmann-Award is an award for artists in a distinct kind of way: As it is not trends or the mere illustration of theoretical guidelines which are to be honored, but rather the independent, individual performance, the decision is best taken by those who are artists themselves. Consequently, the fivestrong judging panel is composed of four internationally renowned artists and a director of a museum. Approximately 50 artists, critics and curators will be asked to make a nomination.