. Two Sides .. of the Story . Philip Emde

Paris 2024/05/19 2024/06/16

Philip Emde (b. 1976 in Mannheim, DE) presents his sixth solo exhibition . Two Sides .. of the Story .  with Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.

. Emdiland .. – serving both as a studio and place of work as well as a habitat for an enormous and constantly growing collection of Steiff animals – represents a world of its own. Forming the core of Emde’s work, it serves as a perpetual source of inspiration.

Following on from the past exhibition in Düsseldorf under the title . And .. What’s your Story … ,  this time the two central narratives of his body of work are on view next to each other, inciting mutual exchanges between them.

Details from . Emdiland ..  show the animals in action and interaction with each other. As objects of contemplation, their painterly translation provides insights into a playful, morbid and multi-layered coexistence.

For the second series of works – “Affe vor Bild” – some animals leave their sanctuary to become contemplators themselves. Positioned in front of monochrome colour surfaces, their reactions – between delighted and shocked, concentrated and indifferent – tell stories about their attribution of perception, meaning and interpretation of art.

In their painterly and installative materialisation, the animals incorporate an autonomy that introduces the viewer to the world of . Emdiland .. while at the same time – in the manifold angles of perspectives – inviting them to combine own resonances into a personal narrative.

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