MidHeaven Ellen Antico

New York 2024/05/24 2024/06/29

Ellen Antico (b. 1989 in Sydney, AU) presents her second solo exhibition MidHeaven with Ruttkowski;68 in New York. 

The artist’s latest work explores the space between reality and imagination, delving into the enigmatic space of MidHeaven, where reality and fantasy intertwine seamlessly. Within this ethereal realm, the interplay between memory, dream, and tangible existence is explored.

By examining body language, emotions, and sexuality, she creates figures that are both beautiful and unsettling. Using vibrant colors and expressive strokes, fleeting moments are captured where her subjects exist at the threshold between presence and absence. 

There’s a tension between what’s hidden and what’s revealed in Antico’s paintings, weaving a rich tapestry of meaning and inviting viewers to interpret the work in their own way. Antico skillfully balances her different themes and styles, offering a diverse range of expression. Her art is always evolving, drawing us into a mesmerizing world of fluid contrasts and contradictions. 

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