SUMMER I MISS YOU Monica Kim Garza

Cologne 2021/02/12 2021/04/11

Monica Kim Garza presents her solo exhibition SUMMER I MISS YOU  at Gallery Ruttkowski;68 in Cologne.

The heat settles on your body like an invisible film that presses every movement, every breath into the floor. Sand sticks between your toes, and beads of water trickle into your belly button, leaving salty traces on warm skin. Everyone knows this feeling. It’s something you might miss right now, but when it’s there you’re not so sure about your precious love for it anymore. It’s incredibly hot, after all: summer.
In the rain and snow, it seems oddly far away, although when you enter the exhibition space and look at these female, half-naked bodies— you see the smiling, proud, and bold faces of women sunbathing or having fun at a pool party—you recognize yourself, your friends, this feeling. Slowly, your body begins to reminisce about the heat and you remember the feeling of your fingers while painting abstract lines in the sand. Summer is fun. Summer is exhausting. Summer is being free. Monica Kim Garza presents a new series of paintings that make you feel every facet of summer. They are real, present, and create an incredible connection.

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