Sleep Walk Tim Berresheim

Paris 2019/06/29 2019/07/31

Tim Berresheim represents an incisive position in digitally mediated art. His rich body of multimedia work, developing since the early 2000s, explores disparate compositional possibilities – from the conventional panel image to augmented reality apps. Now, these works will be on view for the first time in Paris at Ruttkowski;68, in his solo exhibition Sleep Walk.

Over the course of three chapters — ‘intoxication’, ‘sleep’ and ‘death’— Berresheim’s maximalist approach establishes an immersive contemplation on these elemental aspects of the human condition. Like many of his solo exhibitions throughout the 2010s, this exhibition proposes an all-encompassing narrative across photographs, prints, a wall work, a soundtrack, and his first ever film, in virtual and real multidimensional space.

The city of Paris, its mystique and raw energy constitutes a fertile soil. Berresheim draws on the city’s transition to modernity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but innovates this visual lexicon in explicitly contemporary and anarchistic style. The parallels of this period of history to the radical social changes we are witnessing today resonate atmospherically with Tim Berresheim’s Sleep Walk.