Plein Air Fabian Treiber

Paris 2021/05/22 2021/06/20

Fabian Treiber’s work explores interiors and scenes from everyday life, including living spaces that seem familiar and a little unpleasant, yet staged and highly artificial at the same time. He has recently expanded his focus to include exterior landscapes, or rather, the paintings themselves seem to expand from the interior to the exterior.

For the exhibition Plein Air, Treiber has taken his cue from the genre of plein air painting— not in our familiar understanding of the term, but by redefining it from his own perspective.
Monet, one of the most important representatives of this style, once said: “For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment; but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life.” Treiber transfers this quote to his paintings by capturing an atmosphere in his works and giving it the necessary space to unfold. By inverting the concept of plein air painting, he emphasizes imagination, painting it into reality from his confined, windowless studio.

Treiber attaches multiple canvases together, physically expanding the painterly space. Indications such as time, space, and the surface of the image collide and begin to interact with the viewer.
The viewer now becomes an integral part of the painting—to a certain extent an accomplice—and yet they remain powerless in front of the works.

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