Paper Skin Carlotta Bailly-Borg

Düsseldorf 2023/09/01 2023/10/29

Carlotta Bailly-Borg (b. 1984 in Paris, FR) presents her first solo exhibition Paper Skin with Ruttkowski;68 in Düsseldorf.

In a constant process of investigation, the artist observes, examines and collects fragments of numerous influences from biology, art history and contemporary conditions. Through a non-hierarchical order and disorder of innumerable perspectives on micro and macro levels, multiple ways of human, non-human and more-than-human interaction become visible.

Often strangely deformed, bizarre or grotesque figurations emerge successively in the interplay of motif and material. Through drawings and sketches on silk paper, the anatomy of the bodies becomes loose. The folded and glued paper is positioned so that a frame is created by the colored canvas behind it. In this way figures evolve, that often seem clumsy, uncomfortable and not exactly attributable whether fighting or loving, in harmony or disbalance.

Natural elements, like collected and dried flowers transferred onto canvas, resonate in the fragility of the silk paper. The similarities of their texture encounter each other and interweave to a transparent skin-like net, reinforcing their presence in the ambiguity between sensitivity and resilience. Through the incorporation of this high variety of different media, dense compositions emerge that invite to contemplate through a lens of interwoven layers, connections and entanglements.

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