Desire Francesco Igory Deiana

Paris 2023/09/03 2023/09/24

Francesco Igory Deiana (b. 1986 in Milan, IT) presents his fourth solo exhibition Desire with Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.

Deiana’s works are inspired by and profoundly related to language, words, letters and the way they shape our perception and patterns of thinking. Their history, often charged with symbolism and hidden meanings, is deconstructed, appropriated and subtly woven in.

The word ‘desire’ is rooted in references to stars, suggesting humanity’s ancient longing to something distant and unattainable as well as an everlasting yearning for better places in emotionally and physically states. This driving force can be both, a profound search for positive change and personal growth, as well as a source for vulnerability and detachment in a paradox ambiguity.

Throughout the show, the artist urges to contemplate the true cost of these cravings and the emptiness that often follows their attainment in a world that is perpetually driven by consumption.

Aesthetics resembling the precision of technically drawn forms and figures, let works of geometric structure and loose symmetry emerge. The illustration of paper folds form frames for moments of memory, archiving and examination of chapters of our time. They serve as fragments of an introspective journey that playfully approaches the conditions of modern existence.

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