It’s not the darkness I’m afraid of Philip Emde

Cologne 2015/12/11 2016/01/17

Philip Emde expresses himself through contrasts.
His non-figurative works are marked by simplicity yet present the imperceptible and the peculiar as well as the obvious and the subtle. On paper, he illustrates the proximity of opposites – using both sides of the sheet to show how closely they sit.

While one side of the page is continuously and painfully worked over with graphite, the reverse is a monochromatic tone that reverberates on the wall. The surprising invisibility of the opposite side contradicts the physical and emotional pain transmitted through the front.

The ongoing creative process is a transcription of the many emotions, motives and habits humanity. So is .it´s not the darkness i´m afraid of.., Philip Emde’s first exhibition at Ruttkowski;68 gallery.

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