I Love U Freestyle Marria Pratts

Cologne 2022/02/04 2022/03/27

Marria Pratts presents her first solo exhibition I love U Freestyle in the rooms of Ruttkowski;68 in Cologne.

The artist from Barcelona, who is unconventional in every respect, has conceived her new series of works not as a collection of various individual pieces, but rather as a walk through an interconnected landscape of large-format canvases full of playful and enigmatic impressions.

This reflects Pratt’s unique way of working, in which the boundaries between art and life, as well as between individual works, dissolve. She draws her inspiration from walks through the industrial area near her studio, where she seeks out the traces of beauty amid the decay and trash, bringing them to canvas in an intuitive, wild, and contemplative studio process.

The lynchpin of Pratt’s work is a search for her own language to express her own perception of reality while at the same time offering a piece of hope for the broken in the world. Hope and vitality shine through in bright colors—especially yellow and pink—and molten neon lights that function, to some extent, as three-dimensional brushstrokes, creating a refuge in the face of flying ghosts and clocks that refuse to tell time.