Hybrid Graziano Capitta

Cologne 2016/02/05 2016/03/27

Graziano Capitta likes to challenge the medium. Whether through drawings, scans or digital prints, his artworks recall mutant lifeforms where familiar components have been removed. Child-like squiggles of colour layered with a scrawl of black are assimilated by intuitive shapes. The simplicity of the patterns is juxtaposed against the complexity of the grid-like strokes – echoing the semantical and figurative message behind each piece.

Painting and technology, music and science fiction, aesthetics and identity. Every frontier and extremity is implicitly present in Capitta’s work. Culture and subculture are combined in the creative process to challenge the viewer. Is it hand drawn? Digitally printed? The aim is clear – to force us to question our perceptions, look twice, scratch the surface.

Hybrid is Capitta’s first exhibition at Ruttkowski;68 gallery and consists of all-new works.