here read this Dennis Buck & Michael Günzer

Paris 2024/04/14 2024/05/12

Dennis Buck (b.1989, Ulm, DE) and Michael Günzer (b. 1982, Ulm, DE) present their exhibition here read this with Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.

United by a longstanding friendship, their art intertwines with mutual influences and references. Their shared experiences, inspirations, and constructive criticism contribute to a dynamic exchange that encourages questioning of personal boundaries.

Buck’s work is rooted in letters, words, and texts, drawing inspiration from fragments of past moments and lasting imprints to create distinctive poetics. Through the painterly translation of silicone shaping and modeling, they transcend their written origins, developing unique narratives devoid of language in their abstraction.

Günzer’s focus lies on human bodies, often depicted in defensive postures or poised for attack in self-defense. Isolated and seemingly ironic in the absence of visible threat, their gestures evoke a symbolic dance for respect and recognition. Weapons such as knives or sticks lend the scenery a seriousness that threatens to disarm itself in the fragility of archetypal masculinity.

Through a visual dialogue, the artists expand the understanding of their respective bodies of work, techniques, materials, and approaches. In the harmonious restlessness of their exchange, new speculative perspectives emerge.



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