Gruß aus dem Schwarzwald Stefan Strumbel

Düsseldorf 2022/11/25 2023/01/08

Stefan Strumbel presents his third solo exhibition Gruß aus dem Schwarzwald with Ruttkowski;68 in Düsseldorf.
This new body of work examines the field of tension between opposites, specifically of color to non-color, figuration to abstraction and characteristics to formlessness.
With each new group of works he processes a different spectrum of stylistic means, materials as well as symbols. As a reflection of their materialistic production process, they transcend the boundaries of their medium.
The examination of the concept of ‘home’ and the associations, emotions and conventional values associated with it, always is elementary component of Strumbel’s work. He plays with cultural and cult objects as well as traditional ideas from his home region Offenburg in the south-west of Germany and transfers them into a new aesthetic.
Claiming absolute artistic freedom for himself against odds and expectations, Strumbel frames style not as question of formality but of fundamental artistic stance.

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