June 3, 2023



For centuries people have been interested in the extraordinary animals that inhabit the earth. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of DierenPark Amersfoort, the Kunsthal KAdE is showing the exhibition “Wonderbaarlijke Wezens” from June 3rd to September 3rd.

Human-animal relationships: 
Annabelle Binnerts, Tuomas A. Laitinen, Philip Emde, Amalia Pica, Philip Ullman, and Greta Alfaro

Since the 20th century, everyone has been able to view almost every animal in detail in zoos, where fortunately more and more attention is paid to animal welfare. We are discovering more and more: how animals live and communicate, in which areas they resemble us and in which they do not. Are the old hierarchies in which humans are dominant still tenable? How do animals actually look at people and how do they communicate with each other and with us? As human animals, what limitations do we encounter in our attempts to relate to and understand other beings?

In one of the galleries, artists explore the relationship between humans and animals: Greta Alfaro shows a still life with natural forces that go beyond our human frame, Annabelle Binnerts examines the depiction of animals in stories, Philip Emde creates works about the cuddly toys of our childhood, Amalia Pica explores communication with and between great apes, Philip Ullman creates 3D animations with hybrid creatures and Tuomas A. Laitinen explores the possibilities of communication between humans and octopuses in his sculptures and videos.

A film by Mircea Cantor showing the heightened preparedness in an encounter between two natural enemies can be seen in the film room. What does the tension that can be felt in the room say about our role in relation to the animals?



ⓒ Mike Bink