January 21, 2022



CFHILL opens the 2022 season with Die Brücke – a group exhibition with Antwan Horfee, Conny Maier and Philip Emde. The internationally renowned artists share a distinct visual language and a fresh take on contemporary existence.

As we all know, teamwork makes dreamwork. The collaboration between Ruttkowski;68 and CFHILL is an exciting way to give the Swedish audience first-hand access to some of the most sensational international emerging artists today. Shown together for the first time in Stockholm, these three artists establish a direct link to the European art scene and represent CFHILLs continued commitment to bringing sensational art to our doorstep.

Die Brücke (The Bridge) features some brand-new artworks spanning the field of figurative painting, abstract expressionism, sculpture, drawing as well as an exclusive video preview. The exhibition takes over the entire art space at Västra Trädgårdsgatan 9 which will open with a vernissage in the presence of the artists and curator on January 21.

“Antwan Horfee, Conny Maier and Philip Emde are all part of a generation who deals with some of the most burning issues of our time through a visual language with strong links to pop-culture. Mixing an academic context with sub-cultural expression is for me the most authentic artistic language of our time, and it is highly characteristic of the type of artists represented by Ruttkowski;68.” – Nils Müller, curator and founder Ruttkowski;68.
Historically, the artist group Die Brücke played a major role in the development of Expressionism in Europe at the beginning of the 20th Century related to the rapid industrialisation in Germany at the time. The collection of works at CFHILL reflect not on art history, but on the zeitgeist of our contemporary times.

Västra Trädgårdsgatan 9,
111 53 Stockholm

21.01.22 – 11.02.22