CAN Ibiza 2024

Ibiza 2024/06/26 2024/06/30


The works that I present for CAN Ibiza 2024 belong to the “Enso” series. I try to generate a deep, luminous and compact painting, with a poetic force close to the containment of the minimalist, such as Haiku, I try to understand the energetic nonpassivity of the void, something that I have been able to assume in many aspects of oriental art in which It is not about expressing the objects in particular, but rather the relationship between those objects and the energy or spirit that makes them up and integrates them is suggested. The circles of the Enso series continue in this line.

Attracted by a certain mystique, I investigated Zen thought, where we found, for example. that “The form is the void; the void is the form” which perhaps takes us further. And this “form” would be for me (with color), in its most emotional and organic meaning, the essential condition of transcending entropy, that is, flowing with life. Fascinated by the painting of Zen Buddhism, and especially with its vision of emptiness, I chose this line of pictorial action “Enso” (Circle in Japanese) for the idea of infinity it projects, for its intention to free the mind to reach the essential. Likewise, due to its slight, deliberate manual component of “imperfection”, almost necessary, which allows change, transcendence.

“Enso” is for me a mode of illumination, it symbolizes the universe, emptiness, infinity… this work is also a spiritual exercise. These Circles represent for me the imperfect perfection of the present moment.


José María Yturralde