Art Brussels Week 2021 2021

Online 2021/06/01 2021/06/14

For Art Brussels Week Ruttkowski;68 presents emerging artists tapping into different approaches of contemporary painting and showing their own unique artistic style.

Henrik Godsk, a Danish artist, is inspired by formalism. His paintings depict tightly composed interiors and figures of women, all of which seem to be aesthetically simplified by the use of geometrical forms. He often repeats the same shape, but by applying different colours and variations, keeps each picture totally unique. Russian avant-garde paintings come to mind, and Godsk’s colour schemes evoke the radiance and sensuality of Paul Klee.

Passionate about comics, B-Movies and abstract painting, Paris-based Antwan Horfee creates wild rides through the surface of his paintings. They resemble a camera ride during an action movie. For Horfee, forms and shapes top each other and are assembled very often on a blurred image in the background which displays a landscape or a person. The French artist already showed an installation of his unique imagery at Palais de Tokyo by creating a fantastic surrounding of colorful never-ending 3D shapes and forms.

Pop Art and the simplicity of everyday packaging and displays inspire Germain artist Thomas Wachholz. His love for the packaging of matches for example is shown by his blown-up portraits of those match boxes. His aesthetic is simple, but still draws the viewer into a world of colorful elements of advertising that are abstracted into paintings with a unique language of their own.

Kottie Paloma, an LA artist now living in a small town in Bavaria Germany, refers to artists like A.R. Penck and Philip Guston. Within the confines of a binary color scheme, Paloma creates compositions that move between abstraction and representation. The compositions evoke suggestions of space, objects, symbols. Paloma has an expressive way to create abstract scenarios that he often experiences in everyday life. He analyzes his everyday surroundings and manages to capture the dark side and the oddness of human behavior as well as the comical aspects.

By experiencing and looking at Monica Kim Garza’s paintings we take part in summer-like gatherings of women having fun at the pool or on the beach. The Mexican Korean artist shows women in a body positive way enjoying themselves not being pictured as stereotypes we find in a social media universe. These paintings remind us of Gauguin and the South Sea paintings as well as drawing close parallels to Expressionism with their bold brushstrokes.

By wandering through our urban environments French artist Pablo Tomek collects impressions of our everchanging cities. Buildings are constructed or torn down. We find surfaces with traces of paint and appropriation of walls by graffiti or see windows being cleaned with big brushstroke-like gestures. All these traces and gestures find their way into Tomek’s canvases. He assembles those city traces and creates multi-layered abstract paintings.