Sun City Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg

Paris 2021/11/27 2022/01/16

Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg presents a solo exhibition titled Sun City at Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.

With an approach that is both highly pictorial and sculptural, the artist’s new works reveal unexpected perspectives on the complex relationships between objects, space, and the model-like nature of art.
Sun City (Arizona) was the first in a series of booming retirement communities comprised of model homes and intended to be a ready-built paradise. For Dunkelberg, art is always a kind of model, and must be recognized as such: her reliefs and sculptures are built using techniques from model-building and serial production, transcending the line between art and cliché. In her works, Dunkelberg also reflects on the relation between the viewer and space, which she understands as a constituent element of the image.

The pieces each have a different look, feel and expression. While they bear titles such as Sun City (West), Beletage, and L’Esprit Nouveau, the viewer is met with subtle ironic references to theoretical ideas about painting and visual imagery. With bright colors, her works seem enchanted, dreamy and surreal. They exhibit traces of joyful narratives and feel like an invitation to something unknown.