Maryam Eivazi Maryam Eivazi

New York 2023/05/18 2023/06/25

Maryam Eivazi (b. 1980 in Zanjan, IRN) presents her first solo exhibition Maryam Eivazi at Ruttkowski;68 in New York.

For the artist, painting functions as language that allows the expression of desires, experiences, perspectives and contexts without censorship in a society marked by restriction and repression. In her surrealist aesthetics, figurative elements of a deep symbolism can be found, challenging a latent inhibition. Dream-like sequences, subconscious imprints and individual impulses give her works an atmosphere of reproducing and reordering chaotic states.

The artist does not limit herself in the materiality and technique of her works. They are created in the use of multiple painting styles and tools, such as acrylic, oil pencils and paints, graphite, papier-mache and are often carried on self-sewn canvases made of linen or fabrics. The various elements produce new techniques including sculptures and installations, constantly adding new dimensions to her work.

Eivazi’s artexpresses a practice of resistance and is able to open up a borderless space of freedom. In it, one finds both individual expression and counterpart to political realities of oppression.