L Egal Roland Schappert

Cologne 2018/06/08 2018/07/22

Roland Schappert gets highly analogue and earnest in the age of digital shallowness.

His largely natural toned paintings are manifests for a more genuine discourse on language, art, and media. The poetic explorations hide their intention behind sometimes dulcet, sometimes harsh words, whilst being peculiar figurines of letters touching upon everybody’s sensitivities.

Schappert knows what he is talking about when zinging on fast-moving digital culture. He has been working with a broad range of digital media. For his solo exhibition at Ruttkowski;68, the Cologne-based multidisciplinary artist falls back on wires, jute, champagne chalk, and bone glue.

He needs nothing more than that to create both visually and linguistically beautiful works of art full of little tragedies and laughs, which you should better go see in real life than on the little screen of your phone, not only due to their materiality, but also because you could take something home: there are no more riots today, and ultimately, LOVE IS NOT THE END, the BASTARD lies in wait.