Oda JauneBulgaria

Oda Jaune’s style is remindful of the Old Masters yet jettisons the viewer into the world of surrealism, and German expressionism alike. For she has created a world of her own, where the artist does not have to bow to the conventional, and her work probes deep into the subconscious. Oda Jaune creates an alternative universe full of omnipowerful beauty and calm, poetry and romanticism while remaining mindful of the potent forces of violence, eroticism and irony.

Mindful of detail and proportions, careful of how she changes the scale, applying a photorealistic precision in her creation of individual shapes, the artist engages in a juxtaposition of the elements, a principle that becomes prominent in her visual narrative. Emotional states and images emerging from the subconscious, come out of the depths to materialize on the surface into part horrible, part entertaining images. The viewer freely enters the fairy world of fantasies, only to be submerged into a vortex of emotions. For this viewer has been entangled in a crossword, a visual enigma whose central part contains the whole truth about the artist‘s attitude to love and eroticism, to fear and pain.

Oda Jaune was born in Sofia in 1979, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf in Germany and in 2003 graduated from the class of Jorg Immendorf. Since 2007, she had been living and working in Paris.