Christian Rex van MinnenUSA

Christian Rex van Minnen was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1980 and grew up in Colorado.

2006 the artist began to teach himself methods and materials of the Old Masters. From a very young age he took to the automatic drawing process, creating lines, shapes, information to reflect upon and tease out form and subject, that has evolved to be less rigidly surreal, more of a blended chaos of the automatic drawing process, old masters techniques, google images, and conceptually/consciously precipitated subject matter.

In his work, Christian Rex van Minnen is looking for tension and dynamic space between attraction and repulsion, abstraction and figuration, the difficult conversation between the intuitive and the counter-intuitive. The allure of illusion and the truth of the paint itself. A dance between seeking mystery and personal truth and reconciliation of identity within a greater societal context. It’s a beautiful mess.