Ania HobsonUnited Kingdom

Ania Hobson (b. 1990, UK) reflects on social situations and the emotional layers embedded in reactions triggered by human encounters. She mainly paints women with strong facial expressions and self-confident, powerful attitudes. Close up, we see how she depicts those moments when our facial expressions slip away unconsciously for a few moments. Counteracting the narrative of a passive, lost and uncertain woman shaped through the male gaze for centuries, Hobson opposes the obsolete stereotype with her paintings.
The interplay of colors from a similar of tonal field with strong signal nuances such as her intense reds project emotions and adds parts to the narrative that the viewer must compose themselves.
She draws her inspiration from the mundane, from observing, experiencing, reading people’s faces. Blended with subconscious memories, dreams and imagination she creates sceneries, that seem known and familiar, offering the audience the possibility of feeling part of the story.